Introducing DS Liquid, the future of aluminum can recycling global business

This is DS Liquid.
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We are a recycling company that reproduces aluminum raw materials from aluminum recyclable materials or aluminum waste. Our mission here at DS liquid is to provide our clients with aluminum raw materials at their time of need in the most economic way.

To achieve this, we use an auto-steered melting system to maximize the recovery ratio and efficiency of aluminum scrap recycling. In addition, we deliver molten metal for the productivity and profitability for our clients. We are also managing affiliated companies in Southeast Asia for an even more economic and stable supply of recyclable aluminum scraps.

Because we strongly believe that we are working to protect our health and the environment, we have also developed a technology and related patents that allows us to re-use even the process waste that is inevitably produced from the recycling process.

We will always strive to repay your trust with the best and most satisfiable service.

DS Liquid