Introduction to DS ALBEDO

Optimal aluminum can recycling

DS ALBEDO recycles aluminum cans to manufacture aluminum granules. We are located near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aluminum granules refer to the state where the impurities have been separated from the aluminum cans, de-lacquered, and crushed into small granule bits. Compared to the original form of recycled cans, they are easier to recover and transport, and are a high-quality aluminum recycle material with very little impurities found.

We operate on a fully automated aluminum granule manufacturing facility. We ship out granule products in their original granule form or in compressed briquette or billet forms, and are producing 1,500 tons of aluminum granules monthly.

Since the beginning of our production in January 2004, we have endeavored to successfully recycle the aluminum cans and scrap in Southeast Asia and maximize the recovery and profitability of aluminum can recycling.